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Dumpster Rental Cost Guide

dumpster rental

Are you planning a renovation, cleanout, or construction project? If so, you might find yourself in need of a reliable dumpster rental service. Enter Trash Panda Dumpsters, your go-to solution for hassle-free waste management. But wait, before you jump in, let's talk about dumpster rental costs. We believe in transparency and want to ensure you understand exactly what you're paying for.

At Trash Panda Dumpsters, we understand that pricing can be a concern when renting a dumpster. That's why we're here to provide clarity on the factors that influence our pricing, empowering you to make informed decisions for your project.


Cost of Dumpster Rentals

We offer a range of dumpster sizes to accommodate various project needs. Here's a breakdown of our offerings:

dumpster cost

10 Yard Dumpster: Dimensions - 42" tall x 12' long x 89" wide. This option includes 1.5 tons of weight and is available for up to 7 days. Additional days can be arranged for $25 per day, and extra weight beyond the included amount incurs a fee of $125 per additional ton.

dumpster cost

12 Yard Dumpster: Dimensions - 50" tall x 12' long x 78" wide. Similar to the 10-yard option, this dumpster includes 1.5 tons of weight and is available for up to 7 days. Additional days and extra weight are priced the same as the 10-yard option.

dumpster cost

15 Yard Dumpster: Dimensions - 48" tall x 14' long x 88" wide. This option also includes 1.5 tons of weight and can be rented for up to 7 days. Additional days and extra weight follow the same pricing structure as the previous options.

dumpster cost

20 Yard Dumpster: Dimensions - 5' 10" tall x 14' long x 7' wide. This larger dumpster includes 2.0 tons of weight and is available for up to 7 days. Unlike the others, additional days are not allowed, and extra weight incurs a fee of $125 per additional ton. Additionally, heavy construction debris is not permitted in this dumpster.


About Our Dumpster Rental Costs at Trash Panda Dumpsters

No Hidden Fees, Just Transparent Pricing: We pride ourselves on transparency, and that extends to our pricing policy. Unlike some companies that surprise you with hidden fees, Trash Panda Dumpsters sticks to the terms outlined in the contract. The price you see is the price you pay, whether you book online or give us a call. As long as you adhere to the terms of the contract, there are no surprises when it comes to your final bill.

Staying within Limits: To ensure a smooth rental experience, it's important to stick to the fill line and avoid disposing of items that are not allowed. Overfilling the dumpster can lead to additional fees, while prohibited items can pose safety hazards and incur penalties. Our team is here to guide you on what can and cannot go into the dumpster, helping you avoid any potential issues.

Trash Panda Dumpsters is committed to providing transparent and competitive pricing for dumpster rentals. With clear information on factors such as dumpster size, rental duration, and weight limits, you can make informed decisions for your project. Remember, no hidden fees – just straightforward pricing and reliable service every time. Get in touch with Trash Panda Dumpsters for your waste management needs, and let's make your project a success!


Trash Panda Dumpsters, LLC is your go-to rental company for residential and commercial dumpster rentals. We make it easy to book a dumpster rental online or by phone! We primarily provide dumpster rental services in Maryland including Harford County, Cardiff, Fork, Abingdon, Churchville, Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, Darlington, Jarrettsville, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Edgewood, Joppa, Baldwin, Edgewood Arsenal, Norrisville, Bel Air, Forest Hill, Perryman, Belcamp, Fallston, Pylesville, Riverside, Street, Whiteford, Whitehall, Eastern Baltimore County, Bradshaw, Chase, Essex, Eudowood, Glen Arm, Gunpowder, Hamilton, Hereford, Hyde, Jacksonville, Kingsville, Loch Raven, Long Green, Middle River, Monkton, Nottingham, Parkville, Perry Hall, Phoenix, Raspeburg, Rosedale, Towson, Upper Falls, and Whitemarsh. To learn more about our services, pricing, and more, visit our website at 

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